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If crooked, gapped, and misaligned teeth make you feel self-conscious, Invisalign® clear aligners could be your solution.

With more options than ever before, Invisalign aligners can shrink treatment time to six months and tackle severe orthodontic cases.

Dr. Everett E. Heringer can design customized Invisalign treatments to correct your misalignment issues at his Bismarck, ND, office.

What Problems Can Invisalign Solve? 

Dr. Heringer uses Invisalign to tackle many of the same dental problems as braces, including: 

  • Overcrowding
  • Gapped Teeth
  • Overbite
  • Underbite
  • Open bite
  • Crossbite

Don't I Need an Orthodontist To Straighten My Teeth?


It's true that orthodontists are specially trained to correct misalignment with traditional orthodontic options like braces. However, Invisalign has a revolutionary design that makes it possible for dentists like Dr. Heringer to straighten smiles without bulky metal wires or brackets. Choosing Invisalign lets you skip trips to the orthodontist and instead receive quality orthodontic care from your Bismarck dentist.

Why Patients Love Invisalign Orthodontics

It's no secret that teens and adults needing orthodontic treatment put Invisalign clear aligners at the top of their wish list. Not only can you see your regular dentist instead of an orthodontist, but Invisalign treatment offers patients a discreet and effective way to straighten their teeth. Many patients choose Invisalign aligners over traditional braces because they are:
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The ability to remove your aligners makes daily life much more enjoyable. Unlike traditional braces, you can eat all your favorite foods without worrying your braces may break. Your daily rituals of brushing and flossing are much easier, too. In contrast, braces require a special dedication to flossing and brushing around the many brackets and wires attached to your teeth. 

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The fact that clear aligners are nearly invisible is a benefit that both teens and adults love and it's one of the main reasons Invisalign wins out compared to conventional metal braces. Because each aligner is made of clear, BPA-free plastic and is designed to fit snugly on your teeth, they are difficult to see even when you are talking with someone standing right in front of you. 

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Smooth Invisalign aligners lack the metal edges that catch tender tissue. This is in sharp contrast to traditional braces, which can rub the tissue inside your cheeks raw. In addition, if you or your teen leads an active lifestyle, you should consider the added risks of playing contact sports with metal brackets and wires in your mouth. Metal braces can also interfere if your teen plays a woodwind or brass instrument.

We Celebrate Smiles With Exceptional Dentistry Why Bismarck Chooses Us for Their Invisalign Treatment

We Focus on Cosmetic Dentistry

Dr. Heringer makes cosmetic dentistry a focus in his practice and offers patients an artistic and compassionate approach to improving their smiles. He has also trained with some of the top cosmetic dentists in the country, including Dr. Bill Dorfman of ABC's television show "Extreme Makeover."

Latest Techniques & Technology

Our dentist travels the country to bring cutting-edge care back home to North Dakota. He was the first dentist in the area to offer laser dentistry and he remains committed to bringing the latest materials and techniques to his patients in Bismarck, Mandan, and the surrounding communities.

Compassionate Care

Dr. Heringer and the entire team at Heringer Dentistry in Bismarck make it their daily mission to create a comfortable, fun environment and deliver dental care tailored to each individual's needs. We build beautiful, healthy smiles by offering a comprehensive range of dentistry and staying on the leading edge of patient care.

Interested in Invisalign... But Have Questions? Contact Our Bismarck Practice

Dr. Heringer at Heringer Dentistry in Bismarck, ND, is happy to answer your questions about cost, treatment timelines, and how many aligners you will need. Just request a dental consultation so he can examine your mouth to determine if Invisalign is right for you. 

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and Surrounding Communities

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Thrilled With Their New Smiles


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Dr. Heringer and his staff, do an outstanding job. The entire staff possesses compassion and extreme skill. I will never be looking for another dental office, I'm here to stay.

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Great service and people here with expert knowledge. I highly recommend Heringer if you want the absolute best care. Thanks Dr. Heringer, and Chantal!

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Will Insurance Cover Invisalign? 

Many dental insurance plans include coverage for orthodontics and will treat Invisalign the same way they do braces. But each insurance plan is different. If you need help navigating your coverage, our knowledgeable team is happy to lend a hand. If you don't have coverage or have high out-of-pocket expenses, give Heringer Dentistry a call. We offer a range of options to make care as affordable as possible.  

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Is Invisalign the Best Treatment for You? Explore Your Clear Aligner Candidacy

Most patients looking to straighten their smiles make good candidates for Invisalign treatment. Scheduling a consultation at our Bismarck practice is the best way to ensure Invisalign is the right option for you. The best patients for Invisalign treatment are:

Teens or Adults

Invisalign is a great treatment option for teens and adults suffering from misalignment. The clear aligners offer a discreet straightening solution, so neither classmates nor coworkers will even know you're undergoing treatment.

Unhappy With Their Smile

You can make a great Invisalign candidate if you have lost your confident smile due to gaps, crowding, or general misalignment issues. Your customized treatment plan can correct these dental flaws and give you a smile you'll be proud to show off.

In Good Oral Health

Misalignment can negatively impact oral health, so you may be more likely to have oral health concerns. However, Invisalign patients should be free of gum disease and tooth decay before treatment. We can often treat a cavity and minor dental health issues quickly so you can start Invisalign as soon as possible.

Are You a Good Invisalign Candidate? Contact Our Bismarck Practice To Find Out!

As an experienced dentist, Dr. Heringer knows how to turn your oral health and aesthetic goals into a reality. He takes the time to get to know his patients to determine their candidacy and recommend the best treatment.

Through a customized Invisalign plan, Dr. Heringer can address many of the same issues as an orthodontist. This allows his patients to undergo orthodontics at a familiar practice and gives new patients the opportunity to have dental care and orthodontic care completed under one roof.

Contact our Bismarck, ND, practice today to request your consultation with Dr. Heringer.

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"I LOVE my Heringer smile!"

"After what seemed like a lifetime of searching for my perfect smile, Dr. Heringer gave me just that and then some. After one consultation my husband and I were so impressed we both chose Heringer for all of our dental care... My experience was top notch and the staff is out of this world.  I feel so embraced every time I walk in.  The Heringer team gave me my smile back and I couldn’t be happier! I LOVE my Heringer smile!" Sarah Kramer

How Does Invisalign Work? 

The Benefits of Braces, Without the Stares

Invisalign uses clear aligners that are designed to fit snugly on your teeth and gently move them into the correct position over time. You will receive a series of numbered aligners and wear each for about two weeks before moving to the next in the series. If you stick with the program, your treatment is done when you have worn all the aligners. 

Your Steps to a More Perfect Smile Treatment Timeline

Dr. Heringer travels the country to bring the latest cosmetic dentistry techniques home to his patients.
Dr. Heringer travels the country to bring the latest cosmetic dentistry techniques home to his patients.


Dr. Heringer will evaluate your teeth to determine if aligners are the right solution. 


Using our advanced scanners, we will capture digital impressions of your mouth so custom clear aligners can be created to move your teeth to their proper positions.

Aligner Fabrication

Technicians will fabricate your aligner trays, creating a series of trays that will gradually move your teeth into alignment.


When your aligners are ready, Dr. Heringer will have you try on the first aligner and teach you how to use and care for them. Each aligner should be worn for at least 22 hours a day for about two weeks before switching to the next in the series. 


Depending on your case, Dr. Heringer will have you visit the office about every three weeks so he can monitor your progress. 

Your Last Aligner

When you've finished wearing your last aligner, your treatment is over and it's time to share your smile. However, in order to maintain your results, many people should wear a retainer at night to keep their teeth from drifting back out of alignment. Dr. Heringer will discuss your need for a retainer when you have completed treatment.

Are You Ready to Take the First Step? 

I've Straightened My Smile... Now What? A Smile Makeover Can Enhance Your Results

Once you've finished orthodontic treatment with your removable clear aligners, you may be looking for that extra "boost" to make your smile even more gorgeous. At Heringer Dentistry, you can achieve your ultimate smile goals with a smile makeover. This personalized treatment plan combines two or more cosmetic procedures to help you achieve the ideal shape, shade, and proportion for your smile. 

Our focus on cosmetic dental care makes us a top choice among Bismarck patients who are looking to address several aesthetic issues at once. To learn more about the stunning results a smile makeover can give you, contact our Bismarck, ND, office online or call: 

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"They are professional and good at what they do."

"Every time I have a gone to the Herringer dentist office the staff has been professional and treated me with courtesy. They are professional and good at what they do. But it's more than just that they ask me what music I'd like to listen to while in the exam room. What flavors of polish that I would like. Those are all little items that make my appointment a good experience" Dale Hoerauf

"I’ve never had a more positive
experience in a dental chair!"

"Dr. Heringer and his entire staff are highly focused on the patient from the minute you walk into the reception area until you are walking out the door. I’ve never had a more positive experience in a dental chair!" Dena Kemmet
Dr. Everett E. Heringer

Everett E. Heringer, DDS

Dr. Heringer is dedicated to dental excellence and is a member of several prestigious organizations, including:

  • American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry
  • World Clinical Laser Institute
  • North Dakota Dental Association
  • SPEAR Dental Education
  • SPEAR Study Club Leader

To schedule your consultation, contact us online or call us at (701) 255-4850.

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