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At Heringer Dentistry in Bismarck, ND, we provide the highest level of care to every individual who walks through our doors. We are committed to helping all of our patients maintain beautiful and healthy smiles. If you are new to our community, or if you need to establish ongoing care with a dentist who can meet all of your family's oral health needs, we are here for you.

Meet Everett Heringer, DDS

Dr. Everett E. Heringer is a North Dakota native who earned his dental degree from Northwestern University School of Dentistry in Chicago, and then served as a Navy dentist for two years at Camp Pendleton in California. He then returned to North Dakota to open his private practice in Bismarck.

Today, Dr. Heringer is committed to continuing education to ensure that you and your loved ones benefit from the latest dental technologies and techniques. He travels across the country to further his knowledge in general dental services, laser techniques, and cosmetic makeovers.

Dr. Everett E. Heringer
Our dentist, Dr. Everett E. Heringer
When it comes right down to it, we just want to celebrate life and celebrate smiles, and we want to use the art and the vehicle of dentistry to do it. Dr. Everett E. Heringer


About Heringer Dentistry

The team at Heringer Dentistry truly cares about helping our patients achieve their unique goals. We deliver precise treatments using advanced technology in a comfortable, fun environment.

5-star Reviews


Barb Frei


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I don't usually leave reviews but I have had an exceptional experience that needs to be shared. Dr Heringer is the Michelangelo of dentistry... The work he did is amazing, my teeth and gums are healthy, look beautiful and I couldn't be happier. This alone would warrant high praise but when you also consider his genuine caring personality and his friendly professional staff it makes this office truly remarkable. I highly recommend Heringer Dentistry for cutting edge procedures and overall top quality dental care.

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Mark Fiechtner


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I have been a client of Herringer Dentistry for about 40 years.  Great place and I highly recommend their services. Because of them I have all my teeth today.  my teeth look great and feel great.   Prices are affordable and they work really well with all our insurances.    Very professional and personal employees.  Stop in and meet their personable staff today. Thank you for all you do.

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Contact Our Dental Practice

Routine oral exams can help you maintain beautiful and healthy teeth that last a lifetime. Dr. Heringer can also achieve natural looking results for individuals that need cosmetic or restorative work. To schedule an appointment, contact us online or call us in Bismarck, ND, at:

(701) 255-4850

Featured Procedures

To learn more about our featured services, or any of the other procedures that we offer, contact our practice in Bismarck.

Cosmetic Dentistry

We offer a number of cosmetic dentistry treatments to improve your appearance. These treatments can be used to address flaws affecting a single tooth or to enhance the appearance of the entire smile. If you are self-conscious about stained, chipped, crooked, or misshaped teeth, Dr. Heringer can design a custom treatment plan to address your unique needs.

Cosmetic Dentistry


Porcelain veneers are a great option for patients that want to dramatically improve the appearance of their teeth. These thin, tooth-shaped prosthetics are placed on the front of each tooth, masking multiple flaws at once. Veneers are only used on the anterior teeth (typically, the front six on the upper and lower arch) to deliver improved cosmetic results.


Dental Crowns

Dental crowns fully encase a damaged tooth to improve its health and appearance. At our Bismarck practice, we place porcelain crowns, which are strong, durable, and natural looking. If you have a tooth that needs extra support and protection due to large cavities, significant wear, chips, cracks, or root canal infection, a dental crown may be the most appropriate treatment option.

Dental Crowns


Orthodontic treatment can permanently address the alignment of the teeth and bite, improving our patients' appearance, oral health, and dental function. During an exam, Dr. Heringer will evaluate the severity of misalignment issues and listen to your concerns to guide us in choosing the best treatment options for your unique condition.


Invisalign is a popular orthodontic treatment because it involves the use of a series of removable, clear aligners. The aligners move the teeth into alignment in gradual increments over a period of several months. For suitable candidates, this treatment offers results that are comparable to braces. Since this option is more discreet, comfortable, and convenient than braces, many individuals prefer this orthodontic treatment.

Smile Makeover

A smile makeover is a treatment plan that includes more than one procedure to transform the appearance of your smile. For example, we may combine teeth whitening, gum contouring, and veneers to address tooth discoloration, excess gum tissue, and minor misalignment issues all at once. There are many treatment combinations that can be customized to meet your unique needs.

Smile Makeover

Laser Dentistry

Advances in technology have resulted in more effective and comfortable dental treatment. For example, laser dentistry techniques can be used to clean the teeth, contour the gums, reduce periodontal pockets, and prepare the teeth for restorative or cosmetic treatments. Dr. Heringer is proud that he was one of the first dentists in the Bismarck area to offer laser dentistry equipment to improve patients' oral health and overall dental experience.

Laser Dentistry

Beautiful and Natural-looking Results
Porcelain Veneer Before and After Photos

This patient had significant tooth stains because she grew up in an area with high mineral content in the water. Dr. Heringer performed in-office teeth whitening and laser gum contouring, and then expertly placed a total of 16 daVinci veneers. He dramatically transformed her appearance with this custom smile makeover plan.

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Boe Kuch


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I have been a patient of Dr. Heringer and his office for over 10 years. My teeth and the care of them are very important to me. The staff of Heringer Dentistry is excellent and so very welcoming with each visit and phone call. It is truly a family atmosphere... Thank you all for continuing to take excellent care of me!

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Jamie Ziegler


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I've been going to Heringer Dentistry for 30+ years.  Dr. Heringer is amazing and his clients are his priority. You are always treated like family!  Shout out to Becky - the best dental hygienist!  She truly cares for her patients and greets you with a smile.  The front desk staff are always welcoming!  Best dental office in Bismarck!!

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Learn More about the Cost of Dental Care

Many people are concerned about the out-of-pocket cost of dental care. Reach out to our practice to find out if we accept your insurance and ask about the cost of exams, cleanings, and other services. We offer a range of options to make care as affordable as possible on any budget, and we want to make sure that you understand and are comfortable with all costs upfront. Request an appointment online or call us in Bismarck at:

(701) 255-4850

Five Reasons to Visit the Dentist

Cleaner Teeth

During routine cleanings, which should be scheduled every six months, we remove built-up plaque and tartar, which can be difficult to remove at home. This results in cleaner looking teeth and reduces the occurrence of discoloration.

Fresher Breath

Plaque and tartar attract bacteria, which emit foul-smelling odors and result in bad breath. Professional cleanings greatly reduce the amount of plaque, tartar, and bacteria in the mouth, resulting in fresher breath.

Prevent Dental Problems

Dental bacteria also slowly damage the hard and soft tissues of the mouth, resulting in issues such as cavities and gum disease. Regular teeth cleanings greatly reduce the risk of these dental infections.

Catch Issues Early

During routine exams, dentists can identify oral health problems early, before they have a chance to progress to something more serious. This allows for more conservative treatment options.

Lower Cost Care

Undergoing treatment early prevents the issue from becoming more widespread, which requires more aggressive and costly care. For example, treatment for a small cavity involves placement of a filling. But if the tooth decay isn't addressed, it can result in root canal infection or even tooth loss, both of which require more expensive treatment options.

We Care for Your Entire Family Good Oral Health Starts Early

Dr. Heringer is dedicated to providing compassionate and thorough care to your entire family. As part of our family dentistry services, we offer pediatric services for children of all ages. We begin treating our young patients as soon as they develop teeth, and we understand the unique needs of younger individuals. Dr. Heringer believes in the importance of instilling good oral health habits at an early age, and takes every measure to make sure your child has a good experience at the dentist.
smiling kids
Good oral health is important at every stage of life

Mike's Smile Transformation

before full mouth reconstruction
after full mouth reconstruction
After a full mouth reconstruction at our practice in Bismarck, Mike finally has the teeth he always wanted. By combining dental implants, porcelain crowns, and gum contouring, Dr. Heringer completely transformed Mike's appearance.

Hear from Another Happy Patient

I have been going to Heringer Dentistry my whole life. They have taken great care of my teeth, because of their great care I have needed minimal work on them. The staff is very friendly and treats their patients well.
Jana Heiser

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Dr. Everett E. Heringer

Everett E. Heringer, DDS

Dr. Heringer is dedicated to dental excellence and is a member of several prestigious organizations, including:

  • American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry
  • World Clinical Laser Institute
  • North Dakota Dental Association
  • SPEAR Dental Education
  • SPEAR Study Club Leader

To schedule your consultation, contact us online or call us at (701) 255-4850.

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"The staff was amazing and made me feel at complete ease... I truly cannot say enough about how wonderful my experience was… I highly highly recommend Dr. Heringer. I will never see another dentist again, they are stuck with me!"

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