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At Heringer Dentistry, we care about your comfort. Putting patients at ease with the most pleasant and precise dental treatment embodies the heart of our practice philosophy. A pioneer of laser dentistry in Bismarck and the greater region, Everett E. Heringer, D.D.S. can effectively improve the quality of your smile without the pain associated with traditional techniques.

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Dr. Everett Heringer is proud to offer treatments with dental lasers to his patients. With this amazing dental technology, Dr. Heringer is able to perform many general and restorative dental treatments without anesthesia. In addition to being pain-free, laser treatments have faster healing and reduced risk of infection.

Waterlase®: A Laser Instead of a Drill

Did you know that Dr. Heringer is the first dentist to introduce advanced laser dentistry, such as Waterlase® to Bismarck? Acting as a gentle alternative to the drill, Waterlase® is essentially a water-cutting instrument that utilizes laser-energized spray to remove enamel, dentin, and decayed tooth material. With the elimination of drilling, needles, and numbness during routine appointments, our dental care aims to be free of anxiety and full of ease. The dentist will tell you this breakthrough is the closest thing to pain-free dentistry. Thanks to laser technology, you and your family can really look forward to dental visits at our practice.

Diode Laser: A Surgery Solution

With diode laser technology, Dr. Heringer is able to perform surgery with greater precision and less pain, ultimately leading to a faster recovery. The diode appears as a handheld instrument that radiates energy; power can be adjusted to perform minor gum and laser assisted, non-surgical periodontal therapy as well as other cosmetic and restorative procedures.

Benefits of Laser Dentistry

Safe and proven to be effective, laser dentistry is associated with many benefits:

  • The closest thing to "pain-free" dentistry
  • Allows treatment of hard and soft tissues of the mouth
  • Ensures the most comfortable dental experience
  • Requires less or no local anesthetic or numbness
  • Reduced risk of infection
  • Minimizes or eliminates bleeding
  • Used to remove decay at the earliest stages
  • More precise, so it can be used for many oral surgery procedures
  • Faster healing and long-lasting results

Laser Dentistry Applications

Laser dentistry can be successfully applied to a number of general, restorative, and cosmetic procedures, including:

Closed Non-Surgical Crown Lengthening

Dr. Heringer maximizes tooth structure exposure for future porcelain dental crowns or deep gumline fillings by removing excess gum tissue and bone. Achieved with a Waterlaser, this process is called "closed, non-surgical crown lengthening". Dr. Heringer's Mastership Certification from the World Clinical Laser Institute has attributed to his skill while performing this crown lengthening procedure.


Bid the unpleasant dental drill good-bye! At our Bismarck office, we utilize laser dentistry and the Waterlase® in place of the drill to clear out early decay, often without anesthesia. This is a wonderful method for treating cavities and preparing them for white fillings.


This procedure involves the connective tissues in the mouth called frenulums. This tissue is meant to keep certain oral structures in place, as they are found beneath the tongue, within the upper and lower lip, and in the cheek. When frenulum tissue is too short or ill-situated, it can impede function, increase tooth sensitivity, and promote a receding gumline. Fortunately, restrictive frenulums may be safely removed with laser dentistry.


Gum Recontouring

This is one of the more popular procedures in laser dentistry, favored for its rich cosmetic results. Dr. Heringer's use of the laser allows him to affect gums that are proportionate with your teeth and smile as a whole. Laser gum recontouring, also called gum reshaping or a gum lift, is ideal for correcting a "gummy" smile; the laser technology reduces the gums without the effects of pain or bleeding from a scalpel.

gum contouring

Laser Periodontal Therapy

Because more than half of all Americans will experience periodontal disease, Dr. Heringer and the dental hygienists utilize the laser to comfortably treat bacteria beginning with the mildest form of gingivitis. Our goal is to keep periodontal disease from eventually forcing the loss of a tooth.

  • Laser Bacterial Reduction: Also referred to as LBR, laser bacterial reduction is a simple treatment meant to sanitize your mouth and lower the risk of bacteria entering the system.
  • Laser Assisted Periodontal Therapy (LAPT): Pockets of bacteria can form as a result of plaque buildup around the teeth. This can lead to the consummation of gum tissue, which can ultimately lead to deterioration of gum tissue, exposure of the tooth's root, and eventual bone and tooth loss. With LAPT, pockets can be reduced and even eliminated.

Learn More about Laser Dentistry

If you would like to learn more about laser dentistry, please contact Heringer Dentistry. Dr. Heringer looks forward to enhancing your smile in the most comfortable and precise manner.

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