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Hear how Dr. Heringer has changed the lives of many people and given them a new desire for live and a fresh sense of hope.

dental patient"Why did you wait so long, Grandma?" This was the first thing Steve, My oldest grandson, said to me when he first saw me with the daVinci porcelain crowns on my teeth. Nick, my youngest grandson, said, "Grandma, what a pretty smile you have!" Dr. Heringer had suggested many times in prior years that I consider some type of cosmetic dentistry, as my teeth were not pretty. I was always very conscious of them and made certain that when I smiled I never exposed my teeth. Then, when I least expected it , my daughter-in-law decided she was having Dr. Heringer put daVinci porcelain crowns on her teeth. I was amazed at her results; her teeth and smile were beautiful!  Prior to retiring, I had my annual visit with Dr. Heringer and told him that I would like to get as much dental done as possible before I retire. Again, very diplomatically, Dr. Heringer suggested that I have some type of cosmetic dentistry to improve the appearance of my teeth. When the topic of daVinci crowns was brought up this time, I didn't scoff at him; I listened for the first time. I included my husband in the decision making process. When he saw how it would improve my smile and appearance, he strongly suggested that I proceed. To justify the cost, I decided this was my retirement gift to myself. The outcome was fantastic! What a change in my appearance! I can now smile exposing my beautiful teeth. My husband and other members of my family love the new look. I have also received many compliments from others on my new teeth. I received one compliment that I keep repeating to myself, "You look like a different person." So, Why did I wait so long? I will never know, but I am thankful I have my "new smile" now! I want to give a special thank you to Dr. Heringer and his staff. They are some of the most compassionate and caring individuals that I have encountered. What a passion they have for their work! They have achieved excellence in their profession! 

woman in green"I am extremely terrified of dentists but I knew it was time to get my teeth repaired. I had seen another cosmetic dentist in Bismarck who placed crowns on a couple of my teeth. The crowns themselves never truly fit and my gums bled continuously and they never tried to correct the problem. They told me that crowns will make gums bleed from time to time. I was not happy with that answer. A friend of mine told me about Dr. Heringer and I scheduled an appointment. From the first time I walked through the doors, I knew this was going to be a different experience. The staff was amazing and made me feel at complete ease. I had serve tooth decay and stains on my teeth due to medications I took as a child. I NEVER had a smile I was proud of or even liked. I always covered my mouth when I laughed and never wore lipstick because I did not want to draw any attention to my teeth. After consulting with Dr. Heringer, I decided to crown my top ten teeth. This was an investment but after getting my new teeth, I do not regret a penny! At the first appointment, I was in his office for about 11 hours. They made me feel comfortable the entire time. They had heated neck and back pads, soothing music to listen to and they even covered me up in a blanket. Dr. Heringer was not going to let me leave until each tooth was flawless! The Dental Assistant who assisted him had to travel about 3 hours that night and she refused to leave the office till my smile was perfect. When I looked in the mirror after my teeth were in, I just broke down into tears…I had a beautiful smile! They were so emotionally invested in my smile, the Dental Assistant cried with me! I truly cannot say enough about how wonderful my experience was…I could write pages. I highly highly recommend Dr. Heringer. I will never see another dentist again, they are stuck with me!"

lady in glasses"When I first began, I was thinking that this may have to be a leap of faith by relaying only on Dr. Heringer’s excellent credentials, but after visiting with Dr. Heringer and his team members, I felt confident that I had found the right place. Looking back, I appreciate the time spent visiting about the results and the process. I knew and understood the process before we began. What did come as a surprise is that treatment was pretty much pain free and even more as a surprise was Dr. Heringer's excitement. Dr. Heringer's artistry and love of what he does is delightfully evident in the whole experience and especially the results. We had church directory pictures taken right after my new smile and for the first time in a very long time I wasn't told to smile. Instead, I was told what a beautiful smile I had!"

Dr. Everett E. Heringer

Everett E. Heringer, DDS

Dr. Heringer is dedicated to dental excellence and is a member of several prestigious organizations, including:

  • American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry
  • World Clinical Laser Institute
  • North Dakota Dental Association
  • SPEAR Dental Education
  • SPEAR Study Club Leader

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"The staff was amazing and made me feel at complete ease... I truly cannot say enough about how wonderful my experience was… I highly highly recommend Dr. Heringer. I will never see another dentist again, they are stuck with me!"

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