Introducing the Zoom!® WhiteSpeed Teeth Whitening System By Dr. Everett Heringer on July 07, 2014

Woman showing off her teeth after teeth whitening while touching her chinFor more than a decade, Zoom!® has represented the pinnacle in professional teeth whitening technology. Now, Zoom!® has introduced its latest and most advanced teeth whitening system yet: the Zoom!® WhiteSpeed Light Activated Whitening System. And Heringer Dentistry is proud to offer this remarkable breakthrough in cosmetic dentistry to our valued patients.

At Heringer Dentistry in Bismarck, Zoom!® WhiteSpeed teeth whitening allows our patients to whiten their teeth up to eight shades in a mere 45-minute office visit. This means that patients emerge from our office with significantly more radiant and vibrant smiles in less than the amount of time most people take for their lunch breaks. Backed by Philips, the world leader in technological innovation and high-quality, high-tech products, the WhiteSpeed is the safest, most effective teeth whitening system ever to be made available to the public.

What sets WhiteSpeed Teeth Whitening apart from the competition?

Zoom!® is already the professional teeth whitening brand most requested by patients worldwide - how could it possibly get any better? The answer lies in the new, advanced WhiteSpeed LED light technology. The WhiteSpeed lamp can be adjusted according to the individual patient’s needs, with its low, medium, and high settings allowing for full customization of the teeth whitening procedure. At its highest setting, the WhiteSpeed lamp emits light that is 100-percent greater in its intensity than the closest competitor’s lamp. This exceptional light technology accelerates the whitening process, working together with the proprietary Zoom!® hydrogen peroxide based bleaching gel to penetrate the enamel and tackle even the toughest, deepest sources of discoloration. Of the patients who participated in the clinical testing of WhiteSpeed, a whopping 99 percent experienced LITTLE TO NO TOOTH SENSITIVITY following the procedure, a number unheard of with any other teeth whitening system to date.

The Patients Have Spoken - And So Have the Dentists

Of the more than 500 patients who participated in the clinical testing of the WhiteSpeed teeth whitening system, approximately 94 percent claimed that they would recommend the treatment to their family and friends. In the meanwhile, one-third of the dentists who participated in the clinical tests stated that they experienced equal or improved results compared with previous versions of the Zoom!® teeth whitening system.

The Heringer Dentistry Difference

It stands to reason that Heringer Dentistry would integrate the most distinctive and effective technology in teeth whitening into our practice. Like the fine folks behind the Zoom!® WhiteSpeed teeth whitening system, we are fully devoted to making the dental experience as comfortable, efficient, safe, and satisfying as possible for our valued patients. The best technology in the world means nothing if the team using it isn’t focused on the patient’s safety, comfort, and satisfaction. In the hands of the Heringer Dentistry team, however, the most advanced technology is essential to creating a dental experience unlike any other - the best dental experience you have ever had and will ever have. That’s the Heringer Dentistry difference.

Learn More about WhiteSpeed Whitening

To learn more about the Zoom!® WhiteSpeed teeth whitening system, or to schedule your initial consultation at our practice, please contact Heringer Dentistry today.

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