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Aug 08 2017

Upper lip tie treatment involves a careful oral surgery on infants. Babies and toddlers can be treated at our family dentistry practice.

Jul 13 2017

Tongue-Tie Surgery for Infants

By Dr. Everett Heringer

Tongue-tie surgery offers a variety of benefits to infants whose tongues are tethered too low in their mouths by their frenulums.

Jun 06 2017

What Causes Poor Gum Health?

By Dr. Everett Heringer

There are many causes of poor gum health, from unhealthy diets to bad oral hygiene. Find out what leads to periodontal disease and recession.

May 08 2017

At Heringer Dentistry LLC, patients can undergo restorative dentistry treatment to eliminate sensitivity to hot and cold.

Apr 06 2017

Tooth sensitivity can be an indication of an oral health issue, especially when tooth sensitivity occurs with chewing. Find out more in this blog post.

Mar 11 2017

They both produce beautiful, natural-looking results…but which one is right for you? Get the low down on dental bonding vs. porcelain veneers.

Feb 07 2017

Learn how oral injury and tooth loss are linked and what you can do to protect your smile in this blog post.

Jan 06 2017

Exposed Roots Lead to Tooth Sensitivity

By Dr. Everett Heringer

At Heringer Dentistry, we can address exposed roots to improve the oral health of our patients and relieve them of tooth sensitivity.

Dec 06 2016

Dr. Everett E. Heringer offers restorative dentistry treatments for tooth fractures to restore oral strength and health.

Nov 02 2016

Tooth Loss and Poor Oral Health

By Dr. Everett Heringer

When poor oral health habits are not addressed, tooth loss can occur. Learn why good dental habits are important.