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Teeth Whitening: Case 3


Heather did not like the appearance of her anterior teeth. Heather had wear, chipping, and staining/chalkiness on her front teeth that caused her to dislike her smile. For over 20 years Heather dealt with this look until she decided to further her options to have a beautiful smile. Heather was ready to do whatever it took to get the smile she wanted, even if it required major treatment. Heather was excited to hear she could get her dream smile through minimal treatment which including buffing, reshaping and Zoom whitening. By completing this treatment it removed a lot of the stains, chalkiness, chips, and irregular edges on the teeth. Heather then chose to complete the process with Zoom whitening, which brightened her smile even more. Heather now has the look of a rich and famous star to which she thought would be the only ones to have such treatment done. Heather is enjoying her new look with her friends and family.

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"The staff was amazing and made me feel at complete ease... I truly cannot say enough about how wonderful my experience was… I highly highly recommend Dr. Heringer. I will never see another dentist again, they are stuck with me!"


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