Kay - Porcelain Crowns


Kay was surprised by the dramatic change that porcelain crowns made to her smile.

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KAY: My husband and I wanted a family dentist and he chose, actually, Dr. Heringer. And we've been going to him for 30 years, since we've been married. It was in the neighborhood and he also went to the church that we went to so that's why we chose him. I could not believe the difference. I had a little space between my front teeth and that was gone. I had had teeth that were not aligned just properly and that was gone. My gums looked like there were just perfect, going to be perfect. I had had darkening at the roots of the teeth that I needed to have, that I had crowns on and I hated that part of it. And Dr. Heringer insured me that that would be gone. So that was the most awesome part. I wanted my smile to be really nice and it is.