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The team at Heringer Dentistry wants to celebrate life and celebrate smiles using the art of dental care to achieve that goal. Dr. Everett Heringer truly cares about his patient's unique goals and does his best to achieve them. He utilizes advanced technology and precision treatments and also creates a comfortable, fun environment for his patients.

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Dr. Heringer: A number of years ago, we as an office sat down and tried to put into writing what we are about. What is my office about? Why do we do what we do? When it comes right down to it, we just want to celebrate life and celebrate smiles, and we want to use the art and the vehicle of dentistry to do it. And it can be in the form of comfort to a patient. It can be a form of fixing a small chip on a front tooth on a person who is very self-conscious of it, or erasing an ugly stain on a front tooth, or it can be as major as taking care of a lot of bad teeth or crowns in a person's mouth, somebody who hates their teeth, who hated their teeth for 20 or 30 years and wants to have those corrected. I believe there are a number of things that sets our practice apart from other offices. One of the major things is that we are very compassionate. We are very committed to education and we are very committed to listening to what the patients want and have to say. Leah: For years I had thought about doing something and just decided I knew I had to have some cosmetic dentistry done. I came into Dr. Heringer and had a consultation with them. And it's like a family here. I mean, everybody was very thorough and very welcoming and really positive. They really get to know you and they really care about how you feel and what you want to have done and they really want to help you out. Dr. Heringer: I like to stay really current with the latest technologies. Honestly, I think that's going to separate a lot of offices. Those who are in the technological realm, so to speak, those who are staying advanced versus those who don't. Really, if you don't do the latest technology services you're basically performing a disservice to the patient. You really need to jump on the technology bandwagon, and that's what we've done. I have a water laser. We use a water laser. And that I think is one thing that really sets our practice apart from other practices. The water laser can be very comfortable and it can be very pain free. It's not a drill. When we clean people's teeth we offer them the laser to eliminate a lot of the infection around their gums. We're also doing it even to eliminate gummy smiles. I just really feel that the team members that I have right now are just incredibly great. They've caught my vision. They've caught the vision for the practice. They love the patients and they're committed to providing the best service to the patient, and they'll go the extra mile for our patients, too. Amy: His staff here is wonderful. They are so welcoming, very warm. I know everybody on a first name basis and everybody's just been really great. Dr. Heringer: We like to have a lot of fun here. We use kind of the FISH! philosophy. If you can't have fun at work, you know, you want to have fun at work, but then we're also very compassionate towards our patients and we're very serious about what we do because of all the time that we've done with our studies and our training, and they get it. The staff is very wonderful. Because of my years of experience and also the technology and the laser we can offer, we're very passionate about smile dentistry or cosmetic dentistry. So we do all facets of dentistry. We're not just an office that does cosmetic dentistry. We're an office that treats the whole patient and their health. We're concerned about their health. We welcome all patients, whether it's for general dentistry or even smile dentistry.

Dr. Everett E. Heringer

Everett E. Heringer, DDS

Dr. Heringer is dedicated to dental excellence and is a member of several prestigious organizations, including:

  • American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry
  • World Clinical Laser Institute
  • North Dakota Dental Association
  • SPEAR Dental Education
  • SPEAR Study Club Leader

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