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Family dentistry services are a very important part of Heringer Dentistry. Dr. Everett Heringer loves seeing multiple generations of patients come in for their dental care. We strongly believe that it is important to start dental care at a young age and set the stage for lifelong oral health.

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Dr. Heringer: I've been practicing dentistry for over 40 years now and you really develop a close relationship with a lot of your patients who've been with you that long. We like to treat all of our patients, even our new patients, as family. I have the privilege of seeing sometimes two and three generations of family members, so when I can see a grandson and the daughter who's the mother of him and also the dad and the mom who brought that daughter in or the young mother in, in all one day, that's really a pleasure and a treat for me. Seeing three generations of family members is such an honor for me and says a lot for the way we've been able to care for our patients. People will ask me, "Are you still seeing families? Are you still seeing children?" And yes, that is a very important part of our practice because we want to still nurture that side of our practice. The family is very important to us, whether it's celebrating their first eruption or the first loss of their tooth, their front tooth if they're five years old or six years old, or whether it's a two-year-old and we're seeing them for the first visit in our office. The family member can be as young as a couple weeks old to as even old as, one of my oldest patients was 103 years old. That's my idea of family dentistry, just to welcome all new members. We'll treat you as family and also to enjoy your family relationship for many, many years. Donalee: I started coming before I was married, and shortly after I got married my husband was looking for a dentist so he started coming here, too. Then with each of our kids, we have four children and when they were about three years old we started bringing them to see Dr. Heringer. He'd start by just having them sit in the chair and count their teeth, make sure they were comfortable here and look in the mirror, kind of show them what he was doing. Then as they got a little older we started cleaning them or they had to have a few fillings and things like that. They're very supportive, very nice, very good with the kids. They have music they can listen to, they have little cartoons, glasses they can wear or TV when they clean their teeth. They're very gentle. They have never had any pain issues. When Ethan was younger he had to have a couple more extensive fillings, and it didn't even faze him when it was time to come back to the dentist. You know, sometimes kids, it puts a fear in them, and he's like "Oh, good". He just was ready to come back. He likes to get prizes. That's his favorite thing to do after he's done. A few times we've had some people who moved here and were looking for a dentist, and we've given them his name and said that we've had really good luck and really enjoy it here. Ashlyn: I really like it here. Dr. Heringer and all the staff are just super nice and it's good coming, just having those nice people here and not being super nervous or whatever. And they're always super nice. That's great. You know, when people ask me who I go to, I always tell them. I tell them that he's super awesome. If they're looking for someone, then I recommend him. He's great.

Dr. Everett E. Heringer

Everett E. Heringer, DDS

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