Amy - Laser Dentistry


Amy was thrilled that her laser procedure involved very little discomfort.

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AMY: The experience of having laser done to fill cavities is really enjoyable. Again, I just describe it as a non-event. There is so little pain involved you do not have the sound of a drill, you don't have the smell of the drill grinding your teeth. There aren't particles flying all over. You have the laser, which is silent. It makes like a tapping sound and then water cooling it at the same time. And if you are feeling pain, he decreases the intensity of the laser, he backs it off and then goes back in. Anytime you feel it, you raise your hand and it's just minimal. You just feel a little sting, say whoa and he backs off and goes back in. He just repeats that until he's done what he needs to do. Then you put the filling on, which is nothing with UV light. And then you're done. There's so little to it.