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Brandi has been a patient of Dr. Everett Heringer in Bismarck since she was just a little girl. She says she's kept coming back over the years because of our dentist's calming demeanor and emphasis on preventative care to keep her smile healthy. Brandi now brings her husband and children to see Dr. Heringer and we couldn't be happier to be her family's home for dentistry.

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WEBVTT 00:00:07.100 --> 00:00:10.640 I have been coming to Dr. Heringer for a very long time. 00:00:10.760 --> 00:00:12.071 My parents brought me. 00:00:13.240 --> 00:00:17.143 They had known Dr. Heringer from church, 00:00:17.144 --> 00:00:21.186 and my dad had been coming to him as well. 00:00:22.357 --> 00:00:24.719 They knew what type of dentist he was, 00:00:24.720 --> 00:00:27.840 and they trusted him to take care of their children. 00:00:28.040 --> 00:00:30.657 I met her when she was just about three years old. 00:00:30.658 --> 00:00:32.457 She's now 43 years old, 00:00:32.760 --> 00:00:37.429 and so it doesn't take an expert to figure out how long I've known her. 00:00:37.500 --> 00:00:40.243 I've had a great experience with Dr. Heringer. 00:00:40.560 --> 00:00:42.971 I haven't really had a lot of dental issues, 00:00:42.972 --> 00:00:45.280 and I truly think that that is 00:00:45.281 --> 00:00:49.520 because of the way he has taken care of my teeth since I was a small child. 00:00:49.771 --> 00:00:52.440 He has always made me feel calm. 00:00:52.600 --> 00:00:54.614 We did minimal dentistry on her. Minimal. 00:00:54.615 --> 00:00:57.471 The reason we didn't do a lot of dentistry 00:00:57.657 --> 00:01:01.559 is because her parents were so faithful about bringing her in every six months. 00:01:01.560 --> 00:01:03.520 He knows that I get nervous. 00:01:03.543 --> 00:01:05.280 She's still nervous of the dentist. 00:01:05.281 --> 00:01:07.457 He always tries, "Brandi, it'll be okay." 00:01:07.857 --> 00:01:09.457 So I really appreciate that. 00:01:09.960 --> 00:01:14.829 I've always prided myself in my smile, and I'm very appreciative to Dr. Heringer 00:01:14.830 --> 00:01:18.360 and how well he's taken care of my teeth and my smile. 00:01:18.440 --> 00:01:22.100 Now my husband and my children are both seen by Dr. Heringer, 00:01:22.101 --> 00:01:27.400 and I know I have full confidence that they will also have beautiful smiles. 00:01:28.029 --> 00:01:29.313 We're seeing her husband 00:01:29.314 --> 00:01:33.428 and she is on board with keeping things early detection, 00:01:33.429 --> 00:01:34.443 early intervention. 00:01:34.600 --> 00:01:37.414 What I would say to Dr. Heringer and his staff 00:01:37.415 --> 00:01:40.720 is thank you for a beautiful smile. 00:01:40.880 --> 00:01:43.320 Thank you for taking care of my family. 00:01:43.514 --> 00:01:46.143 Thank you for giving us the confidence to smile 00:01:46.144 --> 00:01:47.971 and make someone else's day brighter.

Dr. Everett E. Heringer

Everett E. Heringer, DDS

Dr. Heringer is dedicated to dental excellence and is a member of several prestigious organizations, including:

  • American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry
  • World Clinical Laser Institute
  • North Dakota Dental Association
  • SPEAR Dental Education
  • SPEAR Study Club Leader

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"The staff was amazing and made me feel at complete ease... I truly cannot say enough about how wonderful my experience was… I highly highly recommend Dr. Heringer. I will never see another dentist again, they are stuck with me!"

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