Rewind Years of Neglect in Your Smile with Full Mouth Rehabilitation


Full mouth reconstruction, or full mouth rehabilitation, is ideal for patients whose smiles need extensive work. Dr. Everett Heringer provides several treatment options that can be customized to address the problems in your smile. We identify the issues and consider the best treatments, which may include dental implants.

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Dr. Heringer: You know, we do a lot of services in our office. It could be as simple a thing as a filling, it could be more complicated, as in a crown, or it could be a very advanced service such as full mouth reconstruction. Full mouth reconstruction is basically like full mouth rehabilitation. Why would you consider full mouth rehabilitation? The reason you would is that maybe for years you've let your teeth go. You've been neglecting them, they've been breaking down, they've had a lot of large fillings in them. Also, if there's some staining or some crowns you don't like. Your whole mouth can be like a whole mosaic, a whole museum of old dentistry, and you want to get it all replaced. Usually that would entail replacing almost every tooth and taking care of every area in your mouth to make it strong. Once we identify what we want to do, we'll consider what we can we do best for you? Is it really the best for you to consider full mouth rehabilitation/mouth reconstruction? Then we start you down the process. We educate you, we do models, we show you a picture of what it could look like. Then we start the process. Usually, for the first day that you're in here we'll do all of your top teeth because on full mouth reconstruction, as with all my patients, whether it's a single tooth or full mouth, everything starts with the front two teeth and you build back from that. You have to do your top teeth at first, and then you build your bottom teeth to your top teeth. One other thing to consider is the power of the laser dentistry when it comes to full mouth reconstruction. We can clean up a lot of gum issues that often occur around old fillings. We can clean up a lot of gum infection that occurs around old fillings, too, and old crowns. We can also sculpt your gums and make your gums just look gorgeous so when you smile, they're all uniform and even when you have your final crowns put in. All of our full mouth reconstruction cases are sent to a lab in the United States, out in California. When it comes to full mouth reconstruction, with all my years of experience and with all the cases I've done in the past to get me to this point, I feel very confident that I can give you the result that you need, the function that you need, and the smile that you need. Mike: He did my uppers first. I already had some missing teeth and some badly deteriorated teeth. I had an implant already. Then I went, and after talking to him I went and got another implant. The first day he took care of my uppers. The second day, he did my lowers and took impressions. A week later, we got my teeth and we put them on, and that's the way it's been. I'm able to smile a little more without my missing teeth, my missing tooth that I lost when I was in high school. I can chew food way better now. I'm very happy with the results. The implants were pretty easy. It was no more pain than going for a root canal, as far as I was concerned. I'm a coffee drinker and a blueberry pie eater, and I don't have any problems with them staining. I'm very happy with them. I can eat corn on the cob, I can bite an apple. I love the staff. We have fun. Now look at that smile, huh? I'm very comfortable with them. I would recommend Heringer Dentistry anytime, any day.

Dr. Everett E. Heringer

Everett E. Heringer, DDS

Dr. Heringer is dedicated to dental excellence and is a member of several prestigious organizations, including:

  • American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry
  • World Clinical Laser Institute
  • North Dakota Dental Association
  • SPEAR Dental Education
  • SPEAR Study Club Leader

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