Enhancing Your Smile with Laser Gum Recontouring


Laser gum recontouring is an amazing treatment that can improve the look of a patient's smile in just minutes. Dr. Everett Heringer offers laser gum reshaping to help patients' teeth look more symmetrical, full, and beautiful. Because we use laser dental technology, treatments are performed quickly and painlessly.

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Dr. Everett Heringer: Sometimes people come to me or call me and say, "I don't like my gums. My teeth aren't showing, my gums are hanging over them." It could be as simple as one gum hanging over a tooth hanging down to where they aren't showing a tooth. With our laser we can very gently and effectively just reshape and re-sculpt that simple gum, and also to make it look really nice and natural for it and they expose more tooth. A more advanced thing we can do is what we call basically a laser gum lift on all your front teeth. If you want your teeth to appear a little bit bigger and also your gums to become even healthier, sometimes we sculpt those gums and scalp those gums a little bit to follow the arch of your teeth and give you just a more fuller smile. So what it does is it gives the appearance you've had crowns or veneers, but really all we are doing is we are lifting your gums up, and we are then raising, lifting the gums up with our laser and you're showing more tooth structure. We will use the laser on almost every patient that comes through the office and we've seen almost miraculous results with the laser dentistry. It's comfortable. I think of one patient in particular that we did the laser dentistry on and we did a gum lift. It not only took care of her gum lift but it also took care of some of her other medical conditions, and we've heard that from other patients. Whatever it is, it works, and we love the laser and we're getting results with it. Laser dentistry is here and it's a wonderful service for you to consider. Amanda: I originally came in to get a gum lift on my gums. They have always been really inflamed for myself and covered a lot of my teeth. He told me they had a procedure where they could go in and do a laser on my gums and help retract those so then they wouldn't be so swollen and red all the time. It really improved my smile. I have more confidence with that so that was wonderful. Something else that it did for me that I never expected was it changed my everyday living. My whole life I suffered from allergies and asthma so I couldn't sleep with the windows open at night, camping I couldn't do camping with my family and stuff. When I was a kid we'd go camping and I'd end up in the emergency room with an asthma attack. Also, we grew up on a farm so I couldn't be outside mowing grass. I couldn't really be around a lot of the animals because my asthma and allergies would act up so bad. After he did this, I experimented. I first tried with the windows and I didn't have any problem, then later we went on to camping and I had no problems with that. Also another thing, I couldn't eat bananas. The acid in the bananas on my gums just hurt so bad and burned. After this surgery I can eat bananas again. It's just kind of changed my everyday living and I never thought that would be possible. The experience with the laser, it was very painless. Actually, I came in that morning, it was during the week, I had the procedure done, it took a couple hours, I'm not sure exactly on the time but it was very quick. There was no pain, I didn't feel anything, and I went back to work. My coworkers couldn't even tell that I had the procedure done. I was able to eat food, anything I wanted and it didn't hurt. I would eat salty things because I thought maybe that would kind of burn but none of that. It was very painless, and like I said, I was able to go to work and had no problems with them. Especially knowing the results and how it changed my life, I would have done it sooner if I would have known it would have changed everything. I would definitely recommend Dr. Heringer. He was wonderful. He made me very comfortable. When I had to sit there and he was working on me, it was a great experience. I would recommend people to try it who suffer with allergies and asthma. I know it kind of sounds crazy that it would help you, but it did and I think it would help other people, too.

Dr. Everett E. Heringer

Everett E. Heringer, DDS

Dr. Heringer is dedicated to dental excellence and is a member of several prestigious organizations, including:

  • American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry
  • World Clinical Laser Institute
  • North Dakota Dental Association
  • SPEAR Dental Education
  • SPEAR Study Club Leader

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