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Gum Contouring-TV Story


In this video, Dr. Heringer corrects a patient's gummy smile using the WaterLase® MD.

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JOANNA SMALL: Sometimes a smile speaks louder than words. So the last thing you want it to say is, I'm uncomfortable. SHANNON SORRELS: I had some problems with my gums that I was self conscious about. MS. SMALLS: But recent college grad and future Harvard Law student, Shannon Sorrels, says she never knew there was a solution in the form of a simple, non-surgical procedure. DR. EVERETT HERINGER: Basically I'm just exfoliating one little layer away at a time and sculpting the tissues until I have the result that I want. MS. SMALLS: It's called laser dentistry. And what Shannon wants is a more even gum line and better shape to her teeth. DR. HERINGER: These two gums here should match up in height. This gum here is much lower and you're seeing a lot of gum and you're seeing a very short tooth. MS. SMALLS: But Dr. Heringer can fix that, anesthesia and pain free. DR. HERINGER: The laser beam comes through a tip, like kind of a quartz sapphire tip and it energizes the water right in front of the tip. So what I'm doing and it makes the water almost make like a popping noise. MS. SMALLS: Not only does it rub away the unwanted part of her gums, but it can also fix jagged edges on her teeth and reshape misshapen spaces in between them. Plus, both the healing and procedure itself are quick. DR. HERINGER: Within about an hour from now, an hour and a half from now she's going to walk out here with a transformed smile. MS. SORRELS: My goal is to keep my smile. Have it be my look. MS. SMALLS: So not new, just improved and that's something to smile about. MS. SORRELS: I think my smile is great. MS. SMALLS: For NBC North Dakota News, I'm Joanna Small

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