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Margo - Zoom!® Whitening


Margo underwent the Zoom!® tooth whitening procedure to eliminate discoloration from her smile.

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MARGO: Hi, I'm Margo and I had the Zoom!® Whitening. Through the years out of drinking coffee and soda, I had just some discoloring. And there was extra reshaping that he had also done for me. And with the zooming I ended up brightening nine shades brighter than my original smile. You can tell when you come in to Dr. Heringer's office and you go through the consultation to the cleaning through whatever you have done, he's passionate about what he does. He's excited, he's there, he's hands on. He's visiting with you, he's very impersonable but you can tell that he's passionate about what he does. And he's always trying to stay up on all of the latest technology and trying to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

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"The staff was amazing and made me feel at complete ease... I truly cannot say enough about how wonderful my experience was… I highly highly recommend Dr. Heringer. I will never see another dentist again, they are stuck with me!"


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