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Stacey suffered damage to her smile in a school bus accident as a teenager that led to her two front teeth needing to be removed years later. When she visited Dr. Heringer in Bismarck, he told her he'd be able to re-complete her smile with a custom dental bridge. Stacey says her results have made life easier—she's pain-free, her bite is comfortable, and her smile looks beautiful.

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WEBVTT 00:00:00.329 --> 00:00:06.914 I almost didn't feel worthy to have these teeth, the Miss America teeth. 00:00:14.257 --> 00:00:18.742 I was in a school bus accident when I was a teenager, 00:00:18.743 --> 00:00:27.014 about 14, 15 years old, and I had a lot of extensive damage to my teeth. 00:00:27.200 --> 00:00:31.043 With the damage and then years of wear and tear on these damaged teeth, 00:00:31.920 --> 00:00:40.143 I was told by my dentist that my two front teeth had to be removed. 00:00:40.680 --> 00:00:42.920 When I came to Dr. Heringer, we discussed options. 00:00:43.040 --> 00:00:45.760 He gave me options. He said we can do implants. 00:00:46.480 --> 00:00:48.280 We can do a bridge. 00:00:48.680 --> 00:00:53.400 We just decided it would be best overall to do them all at the same time. 00:00:53.440 --> 00:00:56.686 That way the bite would be perfect, which it is. 00:00:57.000 --> 00:00:58.357 I'm pain-free. 00:00:58.920 --> 00:01:02.600 I'm no longer biting my cheek when I eat or talk. 00:01:02.829 --> 00:01:06.471 She needs somebody to give her hope and give her options. 00:01:06.800 --> 00:01:08.919 We gave her hope, and we gave her options. 00:01:08.920 --> 00:01:13.079 The front two teeth had to be removed, and we did not place implants. 00:01:13.080 --> 00:01:15.586 She's got such a beautiful smile right now. 00:01:15.680 --> 00:01:18.079 On her front two teeth, we placed a bridge up there. 00:01:18.080 --> 00:01:20.487 The front two teeth are the most important teeth 00:01:20.488 --> 00:01:21.687 in the patient's smile. 00:01:22.160 --> 00:01:25.386 They have to be exactly the same size, same shape, and everything. 00:01:25.640 --> 00:01:27.480 They have to be a mirror image of one another. 00:01:27.680 --> 00:01:28.840 We nailed it with Stacey. 00:01:29.440 --> 00:01:32.720 I expected when I came here that they'd take care of my teeth. 00:01:33.040 --> 00:01:38.160 I didn't expect that they would care about me like they do. 00:01:38.557 --> 00:01:41.757 What Stacey had done was very impactful in her life. 00:01:42.520 --> 00:01:44.057 It could have been done wrong, 00:01:44.600 --> 00:01:48.400 and the poor woman would have lived the rest of her life hating her smile. 00:01:48.629 --> 00:01:54.359 It was a lot of hours in the chair, and everybody was just so wonderful. 00:01:54.529 --> 00:01:57.614 The assistants hung in there. 00:01:58.557 --> 00:02:01.920 Dr. Heringer never seemed tired at all, 00:02:01.950 --> 00:02:05.457 even when I was exhausted and knew he had to be too. 00:02:05.560 --> 00:02:09.800 This dentistry that Dr. Heringer does, it isn't a job to him. 00:02:10.440 --> 00:02:11.186 It's passion. 00:02:11.786 --> 00:02:14.300 What makes me happy is when I look at my patient 00:02:14.680 --> 00:02:18.080 and I fall back in love with her smile because I haven't seen her for a while. 00:02:18.520 --> 00:02:22.440 My eye doesn't lie to me and my face doesn't lie. 00:02:22.840 --> 00:02:27.329 If I don't love their smile, I can see it on my face and I feel it. 00:02:28.186 --> 00:02:29.829 She's happy and so am I.

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