Jan - Porcelain Veneers


Jan was impressed with Dr. Heringer's attention to detail and the personalized care she received at our office.

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JAN: My name is Jan. And I was not happy with my teeth. My front teeth in particular, different edges, the shapings were not what I wanted. They had some fillings in them and they were chipping out. It was hard to keep the fillings whole without cracking and things. So I talked to Dr. Heringer and we decided that veneers would be the best way to go. The experience was awesome. They were, Dr. Heringer and his staff, were so friendly and they were so particular with how they were going to look and the shaping of them. There were times I thought, why are they so fussy about this. Just give me nice teeth and I'll be fine. As time went on and stuff and finally when they did put the veneers on, I was amazed. I'm a person that I like to smile, I like to flash my teeth. I'm animated. Just once I had the veneers on and things it just made me feel good. I felt good about my smile, I felt good about talking to people. To me, smiling is a way of coming across warm to people and things. This makes me happy.