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Dr. Everett Heringer was one of the first dentists in North Dakota to use the Waterlase® dental laser for soft tissue treatments. This tool has revolutionized patient care by making procedures more accurate and more comfortable, while shortening recovery periods. We can use dental lasers for a range of treatments, from gum contouring to deep pocket cleaning.

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WEBVTT 00:00:06.943 --> 00:00:09.186 I was one of the first dentists in the state, 00:00:10.300 --> 00:00:11.371 in western North Dakota, 00:00:11.372 --> 00:00:14.457 to have what they call Waterlase Laser Dentistry. 00:00:14.471 --> 00:00:17.429 What that is, it's a laser that activates water, 00:00:17.430 --> 00:00:20.200 and it makes the water be the way it works. 00:00:20.557 --> 00:00:24.440 You don't add direct contact to laser at all to any of the tissue. 00:00:24.560 --> 00:00:26.360 It works through the principle of ablation. 00:00:26.400 --> 00:00:28.856 I use it a lot in my office for soft tissue contour, 00:00:28.857 --> 00:00:30.899 and I use it for gum lift. 00:00:30.900 --> 00:00:32.800 If somebody has a real gummy smile, 00:00:32.857 --> 00:00:36.014 you can use my laser, the water laser, to lift that gum up, 00:00:36.015 --> 00:00:38.520 and it will just make that gum look so nice. 00:00:38.521 --> 00:00:42.200 I can use it if a crown is broken off to the gum line, 00:00:42.671 --> 00:00:46.014 and you don't want to do an implant, and you want to save the tooth, 00:00:46.059 --> 00:00:49.300 then you can use the laser to clean some of that excess tissue 00:00:49.343 --> 00:00:53.671 around the root that remains or the tooth that remains, 00:00:53.700 --> 00:00:55.700 and you can restore that tooth with a crown. 00:00:55.729 --> 00:00:57.486 Whenever you place a crown, 00:00:57.914 --> 00:01:01.028 lots of times there is inflammation around the crown, 00:01:01.029 --> 00:01:03.128 so what the laser does, 00:01:03.129 --> 00:01:07.814 it helps your tissues and the crowns to adapt better, 00:01:07.815 --> 00:01:09.343 better fitting crown, 00:01:09.344 --> 00:01:13.414 and also the healing process is a lot faster with a laser. 00:01:13.471 --> 00:01:15.000 It's all non-surgical, 00:01:15.143 --> 00:01:18.571 and the patients really benefit from using laser dentistry 00:01:18.586 --> 00:01:23.028 as opposed traditional surgical dentistry in some areas, 00:01:23.029 --> 00:01:24.213 when you don't have to do it. 00:01:24.214 --> 00:01:25.600 In my office, we use that laser, 00:01:25.601 --> 00:01:27.960 and we use the other laser, called a diode. 00:01:28.129 --> 00:01:31.129 The diode laser we use in the hygiene department, 00:01:31.571 --> 00:01:33.529 and that's what the diode laser does. 00:01:33.614 --> 00:01:37.160 You can go use it in the hygiene department for, 00:01:37.243 --> 00:01:40.013 we called it, Laser Assisted Periodontal Therapy. 00:01:40.014 --> 00:01:43.461 What it does, it'll go subgingivally down into the pockets, 00:01:43.529 --> 00:01:48.160 and it'll get any granulation tissue out, and any infection and inflammation out, 00:01:48.171 --> 00:01:51.440 and it gives you a quicker, non-surgical result. 00:01:51.441 --> 00:01:54.471 Valuable, valuable too, in the hygiene department. 00:01:54.514 --> 00:01:56.170 That's, I think, what's really one of the big things 00:01:56.171 --> 00:01:58.614 that separates me from the other offices.

Dr. Everett E. Heringer

Everett E. Heringer, DDS

Dr. Heringer is dedicated to dental excellence and is a member of several prestigious organizations, including:

  • American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry
  • World Clinical Laser Institute
  • North Dakota Dental Association
  • SPEAR Dental Education
  • SPEAR Study Club Leader

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